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  • Create GIF from YouTube or Coub videos
  • Cut and crop GIF
  • Add text (timed captions)
  • Import images or animated GIFs
  • Change GIF speed
  • Change direction (normal, reverse, ping pong)
  • Combine (merge) videos, images and GIFs
  • No watermark is a first online GIF editor with multi-track editing feature.
Combine videos + images + GIFs into one GIF.

Convert any YouTube, Coub videos to GIF. No watermark.

The easiest way to create really awesome GIFs online. Try it now.

How to make a GIF: step-by-step guide

Paste YouTube, Coub video URL or upload GIF, JPG, PNG image.

Select start position and duration and click "Add".

Need to combine multiple sources into a single GIF? Add another YouTube, Coub video or GIF, JPG, PNG image.

To preview your GIF switch to "GIF Preview" mode.

Add tags and click "Create GIF" (big green button).

Awesome! Your GIF is ready!

Create awesome GIFs in seconds

Add timed captions to GIF

Crop GIF

Change GIF speed


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To create GIF please add video or image by clicking a button

Track preview

Add videos, images or GIFs and merge them into a single GIF

Create gifs up to 20 seconds long. No watermark
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    Ping Pong can be applied to a single track only.

    Scene duration

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    Currently supported sites: YouTube, Vine, Coub.

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